Living Green By Design

Cordoba is an environmentally sensitive building that expands the definition of "living green" to include the comfort of splendid amenities and inspired design.

One of Doral's first residential buildings constructed under strict LEED green building standards, Cordoba is proof that luxury living can be synonymous with environmental responsibility. Combining smart design with economic value, Cordoba's green design and construction elements include: Sustainable Site, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, and Air Quality.
Sustainable Site

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is encouraged at our luxury apartments in Doral, with preferred parking for hybrid vehicles and ample bicycle storage.

Energy Efficiency

A high-energy HVAC system, energy efficient light fixtures, and Energy Star Whirlpool appliances are just some of the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint.

Water Efficiency

Low-flow water saving bathroom fixtures, and Energy Star Whirlpool appliances help reduce the communities impact on our global footprint.

Air Quality

Our state of the art high energy HVAC system ensures clean air in your home.