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Beach Day Essentials

Beach Day Essentials

At Cordoba, our property is just 40 minutes from Miami Beach! Residents will easily be able to spend the day out on the water when they live with us. We’ve gathered a list of essential items that you and your family will need for the best beach day. Find your new home at our apartments for rent in Doral, FL and come home today!


When you plan a trip to the beach, you’ll want to be sure you pack plenty of seating options for the entire family. Because chairs can be expensive to rent, bring your own! This could be simple a folding chair or a lawn chair that’s easy to transport. You should also pack large blankets to sit on as a family and there are even sand proof blankets made specifically for the beach! Also, don’t forget beach towels! These are great to lay out on when you want to soak up the sun.


Some of the most crucial things that you need at the beach are items that will protect you from the sun. This includes sunscreen, umbrellas for shade, and hats. Exposure to ultraviolet rays at the beach can damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer, but if you pack these items your skin will be more protected. You may think that just grabbing a sunblock with the highest SPF will be fine, but SPF refers to the blockage of UVB rays only, and you need to be protected from UVA rays, as well. Here is a guide on how to choose the best sunscreen for more information. Don’t forget a big umbrella that everyone can fit under and hats to cover noses and eyes!


Everyone knows that spending a day on the water makes you super hungry. Plus, being out in the sun can be exhausting and dehydrating, so you’ll need to pack plenty of snacks for energy! Grab a cooler and fill it with sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks, etc. Make sure you have enough water to keep everyone hydrated. You could pack a whole cooler of water bottles or have everyone bring their reusable water bottles to refill at water fountains nearby. When you’re prepared with snacks and drinks, you and your family won’t have to cut the beach day short when someone gets hungry.

Make the most of our apartments for rent in Doral, FL and plan a trip to the beach! Don’t forget these essential items when you’re packing. Schedule a visit and come home to Cordoba today!