Cordoba Doral - Living Green by Design

Cordoba is an environmentally sensitive building that expands the definition of "living green" to include the comfort of splendid amenities and inspired design.

One of Doral's first residential buildings constructed under strict LEED green building standards, Cordoba is proof that luxury living can be synonymous with environmental responsibility. Combining smart design with economic value, Cordoba's green design and construction elements include:

Sustainable Site

  • More than 20% of the site is dedicated to green, open space
  • Preferred parking spaces for low-emission/hybrid vehicles and covered bicycle storage

Energy Efficiency

  • High-efficiency HVAC system that utilizes an eco-friendly refrigerant, which is safer for the atmosphere and saves energy consumption
  • Energy-efficient light fixtures
  • Thermal comfort windows for temperature and humidity control
  • Programmable digital thermostat, offering optimal comfort and energy efficiency

Materials and Resources

  • Single stream recycling program

Water Efficiency

  • Low-flow and dual-flow water-saving bathroom fixtures
  • Water-efficient landscaping with native and adaptive greenery

Air Quality

  • Eco-friendly paints, adhesives and sealants and carpet that emit low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), contributing to better indoor air quality

Innovation and Design

  • Green housekeeping throughout the Leasing Office and common areas
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